Read The Resume Bayley Sent To SHIMMER In 2011 (Photo)


SHIMMER took to Twitter today, posting a photo of Bayley during her time with the promotion in 2011. They also posted a photo of her resume, which you can see below. The resume said,

“I wanted to be a professional wrestler since I was 12 years old and once I turned 18, I bought a car and started with [Big Time Wrestling]. Since then, I have been the only girl for nearly three years, which is a little tough with the pressure of having to keep up with the guy, but most of the time I like comparing myself to the men’s level. Unfortunately, I have only had the opportunity of being baby face in all my matches.”

Bayley took to Twitter to respond, saying,

“30 matches in 3 years???! I had about 30 matches in just one week of tapings during the #WWEPC era last year!!!!!!!!!! Love you @SHIMMERwomen”

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