Report: Backstage Chaos At WWE Battleground


The scene backstage at the recent WWE Battleground pay-per-view was said to be a chaotic one, as the script for the show was finalized on the Friday before the event, but the WWE creative team weren’t told the finishes of the matches until approximately two hours before the show began. This would explain the drastic swings in the betting odds for the show, as the belief is people in WWE call or text friends or family to place bets for them as soon as they become aware of the final creative plans.

Obviously, the WWE employees themselves won’t place their own bets for fear that they will be traced back to them.

Also, Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn “flipped their lids” when the power outage happened at the WWE Battleground pay-per-view in Buffalo. McMahon is reportedly paranoid that something similar, or worse, could happen at WrestleMania XXX next year, as the event will be held in the same venue that the NFL’s Super Bowl was in when they had the same problem. McMahon’s concern is that not only are they going to be in the same building, but that WrestleMania uses more power than the Super Bowl when you factor in all of the lighting, pyro and other production elements.

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