Report On TNA’s VIP Experience From Last Night


Credit: Wesley Holland

I did the TNA VIP deal they had on their site with the front row seats for all the meet and greets, brown bag special, etc. I met Dewey Barnes at the merchandise stand.

Front Row Meet and Greet: The first signer was Earl Hebner, which is always really cool. Kenny King was next and he was super nice and I was happy because I’d never met him. Rockstar Spud was next and he was a lot nicer than I thought was gonna be (good cause he is one of my favorites right now). Ethan Carter III was next and again, super nice. Chris Sabin was the last signer and he was awesome. I’ve always missed him a show so I had a ton of stuff for him to sign. He was just a normal guy.

Thoughts: I liked the meet and greet a lot better cause the security wasn’t down your back and they had the tables set up beside the ring.

They announced that Brian Hebner would be taking photos with the TNA belt and him holding up your arm. Manik was also out signing and taking photos. He was super nice and signed all the stuff I had. Sam Shaw was beside him which was quite odd, but signed everything and took photos. I didn’t bother with the Hebner photo cause the line was pretty long. Zema was doing his DJ stuff, so I got him also. He was quiet but signed all the things I had.

As the cage was being set up for the main event, there was a backstage meet and greet. They lined us up and I was probably like fifth person to go back. They told everyone two items to get signed. Bully Ray was first and man, that guy is the worst. I met him awhile ago and he was the same then. At least he talked to me a little bit (unlike Bobby Roode). He asked for my name for my 8×10. (for some reason, they were all about people putting autographs on Ebay. So I’m assuming this is why he did that. I don’t really care but still). Bully only signed two. James Storm was next and he is always really cool. I told him I was on the same flight as him once going to Orlando. He signed all six of my items. ODB was next. She always rubs me the wrong way for some reason. Last time I met her, she was in a much worse mood. She was pretty talkative this time. She signed three cards for me. Gunner was the last signer and he was way cool. That Jimmy Hay or Jason Jay was beside him and he was telling people two items after Gunner started signing my six items. Earl and Brian were signing at the merchandise stand. I got Earl Hebner on a few things.

After the main event, I did the photo line with Anderson, who took pictures in front of the steel cage. In line was Simon Diamond, who I got to sign my two photos I had on him. Anderson is always super nice. I was bummed he wasn’t in the meet and greet cause I had a ton of stuff again for him to sign. I asked if he would sign later and he said hang out over there. I got JB while I was waiting, which was abnormally way nicer this time. The last few times I got him, he wasn’t very talkative etc. Anderson came over but security was rushing him. I just got the one 11×14 I really wanted signed.

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