Report – Two WWE NXT Superstars Released


Source: The Wrestling Observer

WWE has released NXT wrestler Nick Miller and developmental talent Taishan Dong.

Miller, who was part of WWE NXT’s “The Mighty” tag-team with Shane Thorne, was told he was being let go. WWE has not made an official announcement as of this writing. Miller and WWE reportedly parted ways on “good terms” and it is said to be amicable. The door is open for him to return in the future. According to sources, Miller chose to stay in Australia, where he recently returned after he and his wife welcomed a new baby. He simply wanted to be at home with his family to watch his kid grow up.

Dong’s release apparently “took place some time back.” He was signed over the summer and was a boxer from China.

Also, WWE NXT UK roster member Tucker is no longer listed on the roster page and although there are rumors that he’s gone from the company, there is no confirmation on that just yet.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

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