Report – WWE Moving ‘Talking Smack’ To FS1 To Compete With AEW Rampage


It seems as though WWE’s ‘Talking Smack’ program will be moving to Friday nights on cable to try and hurt AEW and their weekly Rampage broadcast.

Several cable service guides, including Verzion FIOS, are listing ‘Talking Smack’ as airing on Friday night at 10PM EST on FS1. Of course, that would put it head-to-head with AEW Rampage. WWE’s ‘Talking Smack’ is listed on many of the FOX Sports 1 affiliates as starting to air next week. The show will be airing after the usual college football games the network airs on Friday nights. Those games tend to end around 10PM EST, which is right after SmackDown goes off the air on FOX.

For what it’s worth, Xfinity’s current cable guide doesn’t list ‘Talking Smack” as airing in the timeslot but that may change.

The idea from WWE is that they’ll be able to go off the air by promoting live interviews and post-show segments from SmackDown that will be airing FS1, which is being done to try and get their fans to tune into FS1 instead of switching over to AEW Rampage on the TNT Network.

WWE’s ‘Talking Smack’ program usually airs on Saturday mornings on Peacock and the WWE Network. As of this writing, there is no word on if this will be a permanent change or if it’ll be a one week thing with SmackDown airing on FS1 next week. Our guess is the ratings will tell the story.

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