Matt Sydal

Results of EVOLVE’s Evan Bourne Return Opponent Poll


WWNLive released the following regarding the results of their fan poll to determine Evan Bourne’s opponent upon returning:

Voting Compromised: EVOLVE held a vote at @WWNEVOLVE on Twitter to determine who would wrestle Evan Bourne. We have discovered that Anthony Greene and Brandi Lauren set up countless fake Twitter accounts to ruin the integrity of the voting. They still finished as the runner up to AR Fox. As a result. Bourne will wrestle the poll winner AR Fox and the #3 finisher and half of the EVOLVE Tag Team Champions along with Fox in Leon Ruff! More info below.
Greene & Lauren Punishment: EVOLVE officials have acted swiftly to punish Anthony Greene and Brandi Lauren for ruining the integrity of the poll. Greene will be forced to face two men who want revenge on him. It will be Greene & Harlem Bravado vs. Curt Stallion & Brandon Taggart at EVOLVE 139 on November 9th in Queens, NY. Meanwhile, Lauren will have to sit on the sidelines and watch new prospects get a chance in the EVOLVE women’s division next weekend.


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