Rhea Ripley Recalls Sitting In Catering For Weeks While Waiting On WWE Main Roster Debut


Rhea Ripley worked some main roster shows last year including WrestleMania 36, but her official call-up was this past January at the Royal Rumble. 

WWE waited until last week to have her make her main roster debut where she’ll challenge for the Raw Women’s Title. It turns out that the months she was waiting for her official debut by sitting in catering backstage at Raw events. 

“So, it’s actually kind of funny. My last few weeks have actually just been in catering. I’ve just been going to the Raw shows and I’ve just been chilling in catering, not really knowing what was really going on with me or what they had planned. I just was eating too much (laughs) and that’s pretty much how it went for like weeks and then last week I found out, I want to say around 4 p.m., what was going on. Man, it was a shock to me as much as it is to everyone else. I was super surprised, super excited,” she told Joseph Staszewski of the New York Post.

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