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NewsRicky Morton Criticizes Flawed Psychology Among Young Wrestlers

Ricky Morton Criticizes Flawed Psychology Among Young Wrestlers



During a recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, the legendary Ricky Morton discussed the dynamics between younger talents and veterans, as well as their focus on social media perception. Morton specifically pointed out the ladder match for the TNT Championship between Christian Cage and Wardlow at AEW’s Double or Nothing 2023 pay-per-view event.

He expressed confusion regarding the intentions of the writers, questioning whether they aimed to wrestle or insult the fans. The WWE Hall of Famer emphasized the importance of working together, following storylines, and listening to agents. He concluded by stating that despite many thinking they know everything in the business, they often fall short. Morton further criticized the match, suggesting that despite Wardlow being portrayed as a formidable character, the match did not deliver, illustrating how younger talents’ psychology is completely flawed, and he felt the fans did not receive their money’s worth. He said,

“Did any of you guys watch Double or Nothing the other night? And I’m not here to knock people, but you gotta ask questions about the writers. I don’t understand if they’re trying to wrestle or insult the fans… Somebody’s not listening somewhere. For example, I’mma take this one right here. They built Wardlow to be a badass and they built, and they built and then you go out in a match and to me, it seems like these guys, they’re going out there in business for themselves. Not sticking to the storylines, not doing things — in wrestling, you gotta be able to learn to work together or they gotta listen to the agents or the agents don’t have a damn clue what they’re doing. To me… you just asked me and I’m gonna finish this with one line, because everybody in this business thinks they know everything but when it boils down to it, they don’t know sh*t, okay? Did I answer your question good enough? 

He’s a big badass. He sold the whole f*cking match. Did you notice that? Okay. So, I mean, if he’s that badass, you gotta go with that storyline. It just seems to me sometimes… It’s just like they built him, and the match didn’t get over to me. I felt like the fans didn’t get their money’s worth. That’s my part.”

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