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NewsRoad Dogg Reflects On Aiden English Phasing Out, Becky Lynch's Rise, More

Road Dogg Reflects On Aiden English Phasing Out, Becky Lynch’s Rise, More



On a recent episode of his “Oh, You Didn’t Know” podcast, Road Dogg reflected on Aiden English being phased out, Big Cass performing as a singles wrestler, Becky Lynch’s rise to stardom, and the difficulty of booking dual-branded pay-per-view events.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On Aiden English being phased out: “I’m sure he wasn’t happy about it, but he was. I mean you see it now playing out in a backstage. So, he definitely was being played out. But, that’s another thing it’s — I don’t know the iron was hot. To say we didn’t strike is not true because we wrote it. We wrote Rusev Day the one segment that started it all. We wrote it in a way to be great. To be awesome to be exciting and then Randy came in and RKO’d him off the thing so there’s another great thing, but we started the Rusev Day thing to be a thing. Then when it became one we just didn’t continue with it and look that’s a failure. But, it’s just a creative failure in pro wrestling. So, it’s not like when I get to the Pearly Gates he’s gonna go ‘Man, that Rusev Day thing you really dropped the ball there soldier.’”

On Big Cass working as a singles in 2018: “Truth be told even here inside the ring and on the mic and everything he was carrying his own. He’s not bad at a promo. I think what people, and rightfully so you can’t help but notice, the little guy who talked a lot is not there, you know what I mean? So, in comparison yeah he’s not the same promo, but it’s not fair to compare him because nobody was a promo like Enzo…”

On Becky Lynch breaking out: “I saw something special in Becky from the get-go. There’s something about her work ethic. There was something about her accent. There was something about her that she was just a human that kind of stood out a little bit and it was like there’s something there we just got to figure out what it is and pull it out. She did that on her own.”

On the issue of fitting a lot of content on dual branded premium live events: “Yeah, I mean it’s tough. The more I hear how horrible this is I guess I don’t remember it the most. Now that I’m hearing an Elias segment with a lot of people on it I’m gathering yeah it has a tendency to run long and then once you go long you do have to cut stuff and that’s the nature of the beast. I don’t like that it was a four-hour pay-per-view already. I give that 92% thumbs down.”

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