Road Warrior Animal Voices Criticism Of WWE’s Handling Of The Revival And AOP


Road Warrior Animal was recently interviewed by Chair Shots to the Cranium, and during the interview, Animal spoke about WWE’s handling of the Revival and the Authors of Pain. Here is what he said (h/t to Wrestling INC):

“Well, what you see is they have a habit of doing with tag team wrestling today, they don’t establish who the top dog tag team is and they don’t ever establish who the heel team is. Everyone can’t be equal. That’s not life, that’s not reality, that’s not tag team wrestling. … They started off with The Revival being strong and now they kill them.

The Authors of Pain, yes they just beat one guy, Seth Rollins, to become tag team champions, but, what have they done before that? They’ve gotten beat! You can’t keep beating teams and then have them get a token win every now and then. You have to establish who’s the dominant guys. There is no team that stands out as being the dominant team today. That’s the problem.”

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