Rob Van Dam Comments On His Upcoming WWE Icons Special, Why He’s Not Back In The Ring


During a recent interview with the TC Martin Show, Rob Van Dam commented on his upcoming “WWE Icons” special, why he’s not back in the ring, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On visiting WWE for an Icons special: “It’s part of the Icons series. A lot of people caught the Yokozuna Icons and I watched it the other day to know what to expect. I’m so stoked and it’s so good. It’s not going to be like another documentary. This is telling my whole story. My career, my life, it’s like having a movie made about you. We filmed some incredible stuff. They were at my house, my private gym, and they filmed me doing some RVD stuff. People are going to watch this and be like, ‘Why is RVD not in the ring right now?’ That’s cool. They got people’s feedback on me and other wrestlers. They got my family and even RVD CBD. There is a lot of freedom in this special to tell the story of the individual. It wasn’t the strict guidelines people expect from WWE.”

On why he’s not back in the ring: “I must be busy doing something else. Money is a priority.”

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