ROH Officially Announces A ‘Briscoe Brothers Battle’


ROH sent out the following today…

-The Briscoe Brothers Battle In Baltimore!

-Nobody Fights Like Family…

On last weekend’s edition of “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV, ROH Match Maker Nigel McGuinness laid out the championship future of Jay Briscoe by declaring multiple men deserving of title opportunities starting with “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin and also including Adam Cole, Davey Richards, and Eddie Edwards.

The World Champion interrupted to tell Nigel that it really didn’t matter who he lined up because there wasn’t a man alive who could beat him, that he would “whoop all their asses”. Surprisingly it was Mark who in turn interrupted his older brother, telling him he had heard enough from Jay, that all Jay talks about is how he can whoop everybody’s ass.

Mark reminded Jay of two things, that they were brought up to be humble and that Mark had his first match in Ring of Honor when he beat Jay’s ass. The back-and-forth between the brothers escalated with Jay saying that he wanted the match made for “Best in the World 2013” and since Baltimore is just down the road from Sandy Fork, they can bring the family to watch.

“Jay and Mark gave me something to think about.” said Nigel McGuinness to, “I look at ‘Best in the World’ and I see an event that should showcase why Ring of Honor is the best wrestling on the planet. Two years ago it did just that with Davey and Eddie’s epic scrap and last year, even though it was Kevin Steen as champion, he and Davey demonstrated why our World Title is the most important one there is with how hard they fought. So this year, well what better way to celebrate honor than with a good old fashioned family feud between two of our founding fathers? Any time we’ve seen Jay and Mark go at it there’s no holding back and that is just what I want to see at ‘Best in the World’! Mark Briscoe versus Jay Briscoe will happen on June 22nd and if Jay makes it past both Davey and Eddie as champion in the next few weeks, then the World Title WILL be on the line!”

It’s official: Jay Briscoe versus Mark Briscoe and it will go down at “Best in the World 2013”! As Nigel stated, should Jay make it through the World Title bouts against Davey Richards in San Antonio & Eddie Edwards in Columbus with the title still in his possession, then this WILL be a World Title bout! The entire Briscoe family will certainly be in the house to witness this clash and one has to wonder just which side everyone will be on? Don’t miss “Best in the World 2013” on June 22nd as it airs LIVE on iPPV right here ( on and, if you can be there in-person, grab your tickets now ( in the ROH Store!

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