Rusev Praises Tyson Fury for His Crown Jewel Match


Rusev had heavy praise for undefeated boxing champion Tyson Fury for his performance at WWE Crown Jewel last month. 

He expressed his thoughts during an interview with The Sun. Here is what he had to say: 

“I love chatting with Tyson, just his life story is so inspiring. I watch boxing as well so just to be able to see his journey, and now he’s spreading the word about God, he’s just amazing and we had a great chat backstage about it, we had a great time, he’s a great dude. He did great in his match. He took it seriously, he prepared, he went to the performance centre and actually got ready, so he didn’t just phone it in because he’s going to make ‘X’ amount of dollars. He wanted to do good and this is very applaudable.”

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