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NewsRUSH Explains Why He Left CMLL, Talks Future

RUSH Explains Why He Left CMLL, Talks Future



In a recent YouTube video, RUSH revealed why he’s no longer part of the CMLL roster, and more. You can check out some highlights from the video below:

On Why He Left CMLL: “We are independent. Truly, we are independent. That’s not to say that we are not grateful or that we’re biting the hand that fed us. My father taught me to never not be appreciative and I dedicated more than 11 years to someone who is not with us anymore: [the late CMLL owner Paco Alonso]. I am so grateful for every opportunity that he gave me. Unfortunately, ever since he left us, it all went downhill. But if the company was left to his daughter (Sofia Alonso), I would have had no problem with that and to her, I tell her that she can count on me and my family because her father taught me so many things and my condolences to her. The day she needs me and my family, we’ll be there. With him gone, my loyalty ended there. There have been many times that I elevated CMLL. I went to Madison Square Garden representing CMLL. I did it. For anyone that said we are ungrateful, my father and I left because we have more goals and challenges.”

On His Wrestling Future: “Winning [the ROH World Title] showed the value of looking for more challenges, face anyone and everyone. Anybody from any company, the biggest names like Blue Demon, L.A. Park, Pentagon, Fenix, any foreigners. We’re here. But what [CMLL] did to my brother Dragon Lee was a sign of disrespect because my brother, like my myself and my brother Mistico, has elevated the brand of CMLL and worked very hard to do it in the United States. He was the only to be doing that in the United States, in Japan, in many parts around the world. And what did you do? Like me, my brother is set for great things and you know it. Now, my brother Mistico, we love him a lot and I hope this doesn’t affect him… The one who was always loyal to us, Paco Alonso, is no longer with us. Goodbye CMLL. Bye bye.”

(Transcript Credit: Fightful)

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