Sami Zayn Is “Hearing” That WWE Is Trying To Bury His Documentary, Wesley Blake’s Gender Reveal


Sami Zayn took to Twitter today, saying that he’s been “hearing” that WWE is trying to bury his documentary in “Dancin’ Sami” memes. He said,

“WOW! I’m hearing from an anonymous source that many of the ‘Dancin’ Sami’ memes/videos like the one below are being circulated by bots paid for by @WWE to sway attention away from my documentary! Apparently, the trailer alone has them shook. Huge, if true!”

Wesley Blake also took to Twitter on Sunday, showing a gender reveal for his next baby with Sara Lee. He said,

“Happy Easter Today, the Easter bunny hid eggs, baskets and gave us great news. Our 3rd baby will be…… a BOY @SaraAnn_Lee”

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