Samoa Joe Is Returning To WWE


WWE did an angle at the end of Sunday’s NXT TakeOver: In Your House special where NXT General Manager William Regal said it’s time for a change before walking away. 

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Samoa Joe is back with WWE. It was added that he’s the likely candidate to come into NXT in a commissioner role.

Joe was released in April due to budget cuts. 

“So, I think that’s the cue for Samoa Joe. I don’t know that 100 percent. I was told today that Samoa Joe is in a Regal-like role and all of a sudden Regal is talking like he’s stepping down so maybe the Regal-like role is Regal’s role. But if he’s leaving, based on what I was told, Samoa Joe is definitely the favorite to be the new commissioner. Joe is in and he’s in as a non-wrestler so I think that tells you that he’s not cleared. So even [if he went] to another company, if he’s not medically cleared … it’s just what it is. He’s taking a job in NXT and he’s doing something there and he may be the new authority figure on television or may not be but he’s gonna be behind the scenes.”

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