Santana And Ortiz Reflect On Conversations With WWE


Santana And Ortiz were in Impact Wrestling before joining AEW, but that could’ve been different as they did have conversations with WWE. 

The AEW tag team talked about this while doing an interview on a recent episode of Talk Is Jericho. Here is what they had to say: 

“We were talking with Regal back and forth for a few months,” Santana revealed. “They had told us they were really interested in having us and all this stuff, and they had seen what we were doing at IMPACT and on the indies because we were also working a lot with Progress Wrestling and WXW, which are two sister companies now with the WWE. We’re doing a lot of work there.

“And the guys at Progress put in words for us,” Ortiz added. “Whoever they had contacts from WWE, they would constantly put us over to the office.

“We kept it real with Regal, too,” Santana pointed out. “We were like, ‘this is what it is.’ He knew what was up, but I also appreciate that he kept it real with us. He told us straight-up, ‘no decision is a wrong decision right now for you guys. You guys are in a prime spot, and just be smart about it. Whatever you feel is the best – do what you need to do for yourselves and your family.'”

H/T to Wrestling Inc

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