Scott Steiner vs. TNA Lawsuit Update, Gail Kim/Food Network


Partial Source: Pwinsider


— The rescheduled hearing in Scott Steiner’s lawsuit against TNA will be on November 30th at 9AM in Nashville.

When they return to court, TNA will argue that Steiner’s breach of contract suit against them be thrown out of court as he did not notify them of an alleged breach and give them 30 days to repair it, per their contractual agreement.

Steiner has sued TNA for breach in response to their lawsuit against him for ripping the company and its executives on Twitter.

“Get Carter” sent this one in: Gail Kim and new husband Richard Irvine appeared on Food Network’s “All Star Family Cook off” this past Sunday. Gail and husband Robert were pitted against other chefs and family members to make various meals. Gail and Robert made it to the second round where Gail overcooked noodles for a Beef Stroganoff dish. They were voted off in the second round. Interesting to see the couple cook together.

— Here is the CHIKARA Podcast-A-Go-Go 343:

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