Serena Deeb Discusses The State Of The AEW Women’s Division


AEW star Serena Deeb was a recent guest on the “Under The Ring with Phil Strum” podcast and commented on the AEW women’s division, the comradery in the division, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On the AEW women’s division: “There’s a lot of chatter about it. Tony has his hand on the pulse with everything in wrestling. He’s been doing so much more with the women. We’re in a really good spot right now. We’ve acquired, recently, Toni Storm, who is a great wrestler. There are people who have untapped potential who, within the next coming years, will surface as main contenders. There is a lot of young talent that, from the Nightmare Factory and Dustin’s school in Texas, they are training people the right way. We are also doing ring training in Orlando at Universal where the Dark tapings are held. Everybody wants to help each other grow. What more could you ask for? Your division is only going to get better when everybody wants to help each other. There are other companies and chapters of my career where it hasn’t been like that, it’s been a little more divided and some people are a little more selfish.”

On the comradery in the women’s division: “What we have at AEW is a lot more of a sisterhood. That reminds me of my years at SHIMMER. Everybody was like, ‘we want to make this the best.’ SHIMMER built a reputation for being the women’s evolution (or) revolution. I’m feeling those same vibes at AEW where everybody wants it to be the best division. There is a lot of competition, but it’s good. The competition is good. I try not to compare us to other companies and other women’s divisions, some people get stuck in that trap. For me, how can I help this division grow? Wrestling fans these days, it’s not a knock or a bad thing, but it’s always, ‘who is the best? What is the best?’ That’s a lot of the chatter on social media. I want everyone to enjoy all products. If they don’t enjoy one product, they don’t have to watch it. We’re working really hard, there is a team effort, we have a lot of great minds in our locker room from Arn Anderson to Tully Blanchard to Jerry Lynn to Dustin (Rhodes) to Sonjay (Dutt) to Pat Buck, Mark Henry, Big Show, (CM) Punk, Bryan Danielson, there are so many resources there now that maybe weren’t there six months to a year ago. Dean Malenko, how could I leave him off? My hero. We have everyone around us that wants to help and a lot of the girls are making use of that. We have so much opportunity for growth. People also have to remember that AEW is only three years old. It’s taking off and doing great, it’s a great company, but it’s still relatively new. If you look at wrestling history, promotions take several years to build. It’s still in the building process.”

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