Shad Gaspard Reacts To ACH’s (Jordan Myles) Photoshop Pic Of Him


Yesterday, ACH (formerly known as Jordan Myles in WWE) changed his profile picture on Twitter to feature a photo of Shad Gaspard with the controversial Jordan Myles logo photoshopped over his mouth.

Recently, Gaspard had told ACH to “shut the fuck up” after releasing a series of tweets. You can catch up on the story by viewing the related links below:

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Today, Shad Gaspard took to his official Twitter account and released the following statement:

I’m not going to respond to Albert. I don’t Twitter fight, that’s childish.

What I would like to say to people watching this situation, understand that mental health is a condition millions of people deal with every day, including myself at times, including periods of deep depression. Those who want help go out and seek it, they then look for help through others. We do not hide behind it, or make excuses for our actions.

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