Shawn Michaels & Shelton Benjamin Reflect On 2005 RAW Match


During a recent appearance on WWE’s ‘The Bump’, Shawn Michaels and Shelton Benjamin reflected on their RAW match from May 2005. Benjamin and Michaels clashed as part of the Gold Rush tournament, with the match being planned by Michael Hayes.

When asked about wrestling HBK one-on-one, Benjamin said, “It was definitely fun, and I remember that day when we were going over things that were gonna happen. I didn’t know the fans were gonna react the way they reacted. I never realized how much chemistry we had together.”


Michaels also spoke about the spot most fans remember from that match – with the Heartbreak Kid catching Shelton with Sweet Chin Music as the latter attempted a springboard maneuver. The WWE Hall of Famer added, “That’s the thing I remember most of all about this. [Hayes] asking and Shelton saying, ‘Oh, yeah,’ without hesitation.”

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