Sheamus Speaks On His Dream Opponent, NXT Stars Threatening Main Roster Wrestlers, More


Sheamus recently spoke with SportsKeeda to promote the upcoming WWE UK Tour in November. Here are the highlights.

SK: Do members of the main roster feel threatened by NXT talent coming up?

“They shouldn’t. They should see it as a challenge. I don’t. I wrestled Apollo Crews, I really enjoyed it and I wish it had gone a little bit further because he helped rejuvenate me. I got to go in there with a new guy, fresh blood. Everyone in that roster should see this as a chance to step up their game. Y’know, step up or step out.”

SK: Now let’s talk about Wrestlemania 32. You were part of one of the biggest moments of Wrestlemania when 3 legends from the Attitude Era came back, in the segment with The League of Nations. How did it feel with a 100,000 people in attendance?

“Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley and Stone Cold Steve Austin were part of the biggest moment in WWE History, being in there with The League of nations. They were very nervous walking down to the ring. We’d been through a crazy match with The New Day, and they took advantage of the situation. On any other given day, we’d have kicked their asses.”

SK: Who’s your dream Wrestlemania opponent?

“Whose dream is it to face me? Everybody’s. Who’s brave enough though? I’m tired of talking about my dream opponent. Anyone who’s brave enough to get inside the ring with me is my dream opponent really!”

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