Sheamus Wants To Build A Hall Of Fame-Worthy Career


Sheamus recently spoke with about wanting to make his career a Hall of Fame-worthy one, his match at WrestleMania with Daniel Bryan and more. Check out the highlights:

On his match at WrestleMania: “This will probably be the biggest night of my life. Bryan is very tricky. He’s quite talented, a smaller guy but very tough and aggressive. He’s quicker than I am, but all I need is one second to catch him with my brogue kick. A size 13 boot to the face has done wonders for my winning streak!”

On his change in persona to a babyface: “Well, I’m still a big Irish brute. (laughs) But Bryan’s not going to be champion much longer when I get my hands on him.”

On his career: “My WWE career has been amazing. It took a lot of time for me to get here, and you never stop paying your dues. I’m never satisfied with what I’ve achieved. I want to create a legacy for myself, like those who are going to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this weekend. The way you do that is by wining championships and staying hungry and focused.”

On the pressure to perform at a main event level: “I seriously love what I do. I’m hoping that my career lasts another 10 years minimum, so after 10 or 15 years I can chill out and relax.”

On his family’s thoughts on his career: “My family watches all the time. They actually love the WWE. They don’t just follow my matches. They watch it all.”

On his family wanting to leave Ireland: “She keeps asking me if she can be my personal assistant or PR girl or something. She is desperate to get out of Ireland. It’s really a shame. When I left in 2001 the country just started to go south a bit, and it’s been tough on a lot of people. They are the ones paying for the mistakes of a small minority who had all the money. It’s depressing and really terrible.”

On his action figure: “It’s not too bad. They took a camera and went 360 degrees around my head.”

On John Cena vs. The Rock: “No one could be brave enough to call that one. I’ve gotten punched in the face before by Cena. His hands are like rocks. He can take a beating and come back.”

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