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NewsSome Additional Live Notes From This Week's SmackDown

Some Additional Live Notes From This Week’s SmackDown



There were some other live notes that haven’t been picked up elsewhere from the Smackdown taping on Tuesday in London: 

– The event started with what seemed like a dark match. 3MB w/ hornswaggle came out as the Union Jacks and cut a basic heel promo. Los Matadores then came out and took out Slater and Mcintyre. This led to a Mahal vs El Torito match which Torito won with a moonsault. After the match, Mahal was seen visibly annoyed and Slater was asking for a towel. It looked very much like Mahal injured his nose. There was blood. 

-Cameron and Naomi beat Eva Marie and Nikki Bella in a Divas tag match. Summer Rae was the guest referree and played up the tension with Eva Marie coming out of Total Divas. She slow counted a pin attempt by EM and then fast counted Camerons pin, giving the Funkadactyls the win. 

-A section at the top level of the arena at the back was blocked off, although it hadnt been for Raw the previous night.

-Hogan was there with Jimmy Hart and cut a short promo for the Network.

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