**SPOILERS** TNA iMPACT! Results For 5/1 & 5/8


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TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers For May 1st (This Thursday)

*Eric Young was shown backstage with MVP. Mr. Anderson, Gunner and Bobby Roode interrupted. MVP said that he has an endurance challenge for them. MVP laid cards on a table and told the challengers to pick a card. Those with the highest cards get to sit back and face the winner of the lowest drawing cards. Mr. Anderson and Gunner get the lower cards. Roode gets the highest card. Anderson vs Gunner is announced with the winner facing Roode. The winner of Roode vs Anderson/Gunner gets to face Eric Young for the title tonight.

*Magnus cut a promo cutting down MVP’s test and wondered why he wasn’t asked to join in. Abyss runs out of the crowd and attacks Magnus. Abyss tries to go for his beloved Janice but Magnus gets away just in time.

*Bully Ray came to the ring with a table. ‘Dixie’ was written on the table and Bully had his elbow pressed against his ribs from his injury stemming from Sacrifice. Bully spoke about what happened at Sacrifice and said that if Dixie really is anywhere in the building, she was going to go through this table.

*Endurance Match: Gunner defeated Mr. Anderson after James Storm tried to interfere.

*EC3 comes out and announces that he will face Kurt angle one on one next week and plans a sparring exhibition match tonight against Rockstar Spud. As they begin sparring, Kurt Angle comes to the stage and says he will end EC3’s streak and bring him pain in just 7 days.

*Endurance Match 2: Bobby Roode defeated Gunner clean. It’s Eric Young vs Bobby Roode as the main event.

*Dixie came out escorted by security guards. The guards brought Bully Ray’s ‘Dixie table’ in to the ring. Dixie Sat on top of the table and said that she didn’t forget how Bully double-crossed her at Lockdown. Dixie reminds everyone how she made history by putting the “Master of tables” through a table.

*Bully Ray came out and was held back by security. The crowd chanted for bully to put Dixie through the table. Ray asks the crowd if they really want to see Dixie slammed through a table. Bully pleads with the guards to just leave. Only 3 guards stay. Bully says he is going to count to 5 until he begins to beat the crap out of the 3 remaining guards. The crowd starts the countdown and Bully lays out the guards. Ray grabs Dixie for the powerbomb but MVP shows up and demands that Bully leave Dixie alone. MVP declares that both Bully and Dixie are now barred from the Impact Zone.

*Willow defeated James Storm by disqualification. Storm shoves the ref and gets a shard of glass. Willow counters with his umbrella and Mr. Anderson shows up and hits the mic check on Storm for interfering in his match earlier in the night.

*The Beautiful People came to the ring to celebrate Angelina’s victory at Sacrifice. The two are wearing long, black dresses. Angelina said tonight they were forced to wear something more appropriate. They said they take orders from nobody and said they will take off all of their clothes right now. They demand that their music start. The two do a little striptease style dance but then stop and mock the crowd. Angelina said that the crowd is pathetic and that they would want nothing more than to see the goods on The Beautiful People. Angelina says she wants to pay her respects to the record breaking six time TNA Knockouts Champion: Herself. Gail Kim comes out. She said the knockouts division was built around sexy women but also on wrestling. Gail said she plans on stripping them of everything. Gail entered the ring to attack the Beautiful People but they ran out. Madison and Brittany appeared on the stage and ripped the beautiful people out of their dresses.

*Sanada and The Wolves defeated The Bromans. Sanada and the Wolves both hit their finishers on Zema for the win.

*Main event: Eric Young defeated Bobby Roode to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers For May 8th (Next Thursday)

*Knox returned to Impact Wrestling with his carny family. His female manager, a clown with balloons, two men on stilts and a masked muscle man. Knux defeated Kazarian in a match.

*Eric Young came to the ring. Young promised that the title would be defended every single week. Eric says that if TNA won’t book him in a match then he will just have to book himself into a match.

*Bobby Roode comes out and demands a rematch from the past week. Eric reminds Roode that he already beat him last week. Roode said he had to compete in two matches that night and even then he came close to beating Young. Roode reminds Young that they broke into the wrestling business together. He asks Eric for one more match for old times sake. He says that if he loses, he won’t ever ask Eric for another title shot from him again. Eric agrees and the two shake hands.

*EC3 defeated Kurt Angle. Angle began favoring his knee again and at one point could no longer continue. The referee put up his hands in the X pattern signaling an injury but Kurt forced his hands down. EC3 then speared Angle’s knee and pinned him for the win.

*MVP came out and said the the World Title rematch will not be happening. MVP says that wrestlers are paid to wrestle by the organization and that wrestlers are not paid to make their own matches. MVP teases a ‘blockbuster’ announcement for an opponent for Eric Young at Slammiversary.

*Bobby Roode came out and got in MVP’s face for cancelling the match. MVP said that Roode had his chance and lost and claims that in his TNA, there will be no handouts. Roode tells MVP that in over 10 years of being in the business he has never needed a handout and calls MVP a “son of a b—h”. Roode shoves MVP twice and the two begin to brawl. Security and referees came out to split them up.

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