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Steve Austin Discusses His WrestleMania 32 Appearance & Dancing With The New Day, More

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During a recent appearance on the “You’re Welcome With Chael Sonnen” podcast, Steve Austin discussed his appearance at WrestleMania 32, dancing with The New Day and more. Here are some highlights:

On His WrestleMania 32 Appearance: “It was good to go down there [to Dallas, TX for WrestleMania 32]. The situation could have been a little cooler. It was fun to do business with those guys, but the crowd was outstanding. I hope everybody had a good time. I don’t know when the next time I’ll ever hit a WWE ring will ever be again. That might have been the last time. And I wanted to be there in Dallas, TX at [WrestleMania] 32. Minor capacity because I never announced my retirement, but I kind of consider myself retired. So to go out in front of 97,000 or 101,000 people, however many [WWE] said that it was, that’s the city I started my [professional] wrestling career in, wrestling at the world famous Sportatorium, so it was a great time.”

On Dancing With New Day: “I love all those guys from New Day and they’re very charismatic and very entertaining together, more so as a trio than as individuals. They all have individual money written on them, but I just think they got a great gig going on. Sometimes, it’s a bit juvenile, but I really like those guys. So Xavier, we always kid around backstage. I’ll throw an elbow at him or whatever and just kind of mess with him. And so, we were talking about doing the dance scene because he was going to be one of the guys to take a Stunner. And they were selling me this and I was thinking, ‘okay, well, ‘Stone Cold’ don’t dance’. I could sit there and just look at him the way ‘Stone Cold’ does that look or that I could just bait him in a little bit by saying, ‘okay, yeah, I get it, I get it’. So actually, they were pitching me this. I was going to shoot it down, but then I said, ‘you know what? It’s WrestleMania. It’s going to make the pop bigger if I let him get me into it and they think ‘okay’ because [the fans] know what’s coming. They know what’s coming. And so, you expand the ‘Stone Cold’ character to another level. It goes with a basic one-step, two-step kind of a thing, which is about all I’m capable of for a shoot and then you hit him with a Stunner after he does a spin. It was the icing on the cake.”

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