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NewsTammy 'Sunny' Sytch Hearing Pushed Back To October

Tammy ‘Sunny’ Sytch Hearing Pushed Back To October



Tammy “Sunny” Sytch was scheduled to appear in court today, but that has now been pushed back to October 13, per a report from Pwinsider.

The Volusia County Court signed off on the motion this morning. Sytch previously waived her right to a speedy trial last week, “arising out of the criminal episode made the subject of this prosecution; specifically, the right to be tried within 175 days of her being taken into custody as provided by law and Rule 3.191, Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure.” Four police officers involved with the case are set to give their depositions on September 13.

The charges against the WWE Hall of Famer stem from a drunk driving accident that resulted in the death of 75-year-old Julian Lasseter back in March. Sytch was arrested months ago for the offense. Since then, she has pleaded not guilty to one count of DUI causing death (DUI manslaughter, a third degree felony), one count of causing death while operating a vehicle with a suspended or revoked driver’s license (a third degree felony), four counts of DUI causing injury to a person, and three counts of DUI causing damage to property. She and her fiancé James Pente are also being sued in civil court by Lasseter’s family.

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