Tammy Sytch Facing New Charges In January


Former WWE employee, Tammy Sytch, was back in court today, regarding her violation of probation after pleading guilty to three DUI-related arrests from 2015 this past August. She was sentenced to 97 days in jail, but then was given credit for the 95 days she spent in rehab and for the two days she spent in prison, so was awarded her parole. The judge warned her that should if she got into trouble during her probation, she would be sentenced to jail, and there would be zero tolerance for any drug and alcohol use. She was also ordered to pay fines of $2,100 and court costs of $1,000 and $50 per month fee to cover the cost of her court-mandated supervision. She moreover had her driver’s license suspended for 30 months, and she was ordered to complete 125 hours of community service.

On September 5th, the Lehigh Township Police charged her with receiving stolen property and that was a parole violation. On September 12th, which was the same day she was rushed from her home in Palmerton, PA to Palmerton Hospital, she was charged with possession of alcohol and being under the influence of alcohol. Both were violations.

She will be back in Court on January 12th. She will be arraigned on charges of receiving stolen property (a misdemeanor in PA, which could see punishment of up to one year incarceration and/or a fine of $2,500), and summary charges of driving without a license, driving an unregistered vehicle, operating a vehicle without required financial responsibility (meaning no insurance), displaying plate card in improper vehicle (meaning license plates were placed on a car they didn’t belong to), fraudulent use or removal of registered licensed plates, operating a vehicle without valid inspection, and driving without Evidence of an Emission Inspection (something that is required in State of PA). The lesser charges carry punishment of up to 90 days incarceration, and/or a $300 fine for each offense.

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