Teddy Hart Shows Up At GCW Event, Nearly Causes Fight Backstage


Former MLW star Teddy Hart once again created some controversy after appearing at GCW’s “The Collective” event without wearing a mask. Additionally, John Wayne Murdoch made threats to Hart backstage, saying he was going to beat him up for showing up to the event. Hart had also appeared at the ICW No Holds Barred event, but was quickly removed from the building by management.

Chris Dickenson had taken a picture with Hart and Davey Boy Smith Jr. This picture caused a lot of issues and backlash online, to which Dickenson would later apologize for and explained his actions. He said,


I want to be as transparent as possible about the whole with this stupid photo. I absolutely regret taking this photo. It was a pour lapse of judgment on my part. Teddy shouldn’t have been in the locker room, no matter how long or quick it was. I shouldn’t have taken a photo with Ted and I completely regret it. I’m sincerely remorseful and I hope people can accept my apology. It was in poor judgment and a bad lapse of judgment on my part. Please, understand, Ted Hart is not my friend. I do not support him or condone what he’s done or anything about him. In that moment, I was not thinking before I decided ‘Yeah, I’ll take a picture with you.’ I’m sorry.

Teddy Hart was put in jail back in February on charges of evading arrest, injuring child/elderly/disabled, and possession of controlled substances.

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