TERMINUS (1/16/2022)

TERMINUS Announces ‘Directives’ For Its Debut Event


TERMINUS took to Twitter today, announcing the “directives” for the promotion’s upcoming debut event, which takes place on January 16 at The KROC Center in Atlanta, Georgia. You can check out the official announcement below:

* All matches must be won by pin, submission, knockout, or DQ unless a substitute stipulation is agreed upon by the grapplers

* Time limits are strictly enforced: Singles (15 minutes); Tag-Multiman Matches (15 minutes); Championship bouts (20 minutes)

* Overtime: A 90 second overtime period occurs if there is no winner after the time limit expires. Grapplers will start OT period in a neutral position, if there is no decision when OT expires, the result is a draw.

* Disqualification Criteria: Two technical fouls; foreign object usage; or outside interference.

* Technical fouls include: throwing an opponent over the top rope; a 10 second top rope count; a 5 count on the ropes; intentional physical contact with the referee; intentional low blow; intentional eye gouge; fish-hooking; hair pulling spitting; or closed fist punches to the face.

* Technical fouls will be given at referee’s discretion.

* Count outs are five seconds.

* Any weapon usage will result in immediate disqualification and expulsion from TERMINUS.

You can check out the lineup for the show below:

* ROH World Championship Match: Bandido (c) vs. Baron Black
* Original ROH World Championship Match: Jonathan Gresham (c) vs. Josh Alexander
* IMPACT Digital Media Championship Match: Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Kiera Hogan
* Liiza Hall vs. Janai Kai
* Mike Bennett vs. Moose
* Jay Lethal vs. Lee Moriarty
* Dante Caballero & Joe Keys vs. Tracy Williams & Fred Yehi
* JDX vs. Daniel Garcia vs. Invictus Khash vs. Adam Priest

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