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NewsThe Bella Twins Talk About Ending Total Bellas & More

The Bella Twins Talk About Ending Total Bellas & More



The Bella Twins recently spoke about ending “Total Bellas” after season 6 on their recent podcast. The show will be wrapping up in January 2022. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Nikki on the decision to stop filming: “When we were finishing up the last season, it was very hard on Artem (Chigvintsev) and I. We barely filmed with him. It was the birth and then we came home and it was a day or two. Artem and I had a very hard time with cameras around him [Her son Matteo] and [Brie’s daughter] Birdie didn’t want anyone to ever film her. When we wrapped up that season and we came to Napa and fell in love with Napa, we were like, ‘we really want to keep this private.’ I have to say, it’s so hard having camera crews in your house. It’s tough. The Danielson’s were immediately, 100% out. We lost Bryan and Bird from last season, day one. ‘They’re never coming back.’ I started talking to Brie like, ‘I don’t Matteo growing up on reality TV and to have cameras in his face. I don’t know if I want people involved in our world in Napa, this is what we keep private. We can have a taste, bring them in, have fun and party, but when it comes to personal life…’ it’s hard to put your personal life out there. Artem and I have had such a rollercoaster and dealt with so much. After my past relationship, I need to protect this one. I could film 24/7, I love it. Reality TV doesn’t bug me and people judging me doesn’t bug me. It’s when it comes to my family.”

Brie on talking to WWE about the show’s future: “For me, when we went to WWE headquarters and we were going over all things Bellas, they were talking about Total Bellas moving to a digital platform or going to a different network, I remember being like, ‘Amazing, but that’s a whole new journey.’ When I left Connecticut, I felt like this was my chance to be done with that. I love our life in Napa and want more private (time). There’s something inside me that kept feeling like it wasn’t right. We always commit 110% to something and if we start this new chapter with someone else on a new network or digital platform and I have to give them everything, which means my family, I don’t know if ready. I think I’m done with that. It doesn’t mean that we’re done with television, we have some really fun projects on the table. You’re definitely going to get the Bellas. The kids will stick to here and there on YouTube or Instagram, but we’re making their lives normal.”

Nikki on retirement: “There are no plans for Brie and I to return to the ring. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to return to the ring as I am officially retired per doctors. The day that we are warming up, practicing, and maybe coming back, the Bella listeners will be the first to know.”

Brie on a possible return to the ring: “Do we miss the ring? Absolutely. We miss the WWE Universe, the Bella Army, and we would love to get back to the ring one day. It’s just not any time soon.”

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