The Blue Meanie Talks Altercation With JBL, Jerry Lawler/ECW


The Blue Meanie was recently interviewed by Inside The Ropes Radio to promote Extreme Rising’s Upcoming iPPV this weekend. Here are the highlights…


The ECW invasion on RAW in 1997 with Jerry Lawler and if King really hated ECW: “The mentality going in there was ‘lets go in there and show the rest of the country what we can do, this is going to be our sales pitch, of why they should buy our PPV’ The boys there were cool. As far as Jerry Lawler calling ECW, Extremely Crappy Wrestling, I don’t how much of that is legit feelings or him just working it because he’s a traditional wrestler but anytime I was around Lawler, like at the ECW arena he’d always be like ‘Hey guys, how ya doing?’ and was a genuinely nice guy. I always got along with Jerry. If he did indeed hate ECW, I’d never have known it because he never shit on us to our faces or nothing.”

During his WWF run when Bradshaw worked stiff with him, was anything ever said backstage?: “I figured, when you go to a new place, company I should say, they would try to test you and see if you wanted to be there. In the beginning I thought I was getting tested and as an ECW guy it would’ve been stupid of me to be like “Hey, you hit too hard!” I just came from ECW where a lot of guys are doing crazy shit. It was a case of being new to the company and me just thinking, I’m new to the company ‘I’ll take my lumps’ Nothing was ever said backstage. Then there became a period of time where I was like ‘Alright man, I’ve been here a couple of months now and there’s things that were done in the ring or done backstage or things said or done on flights’ where you go sometimes I can take a rib but then someone crosses the line to being something more than that. It sucks, but it happened.”

People’s opinions on ECW tribute shows like Extreme Rising: “Some people shit on these reunion shows, they give them a hard time. I’m not trying to re-live a Bruce Springsteen song, My Glory Days. It’s me, getting an opportunity to work with people I love to work with and an opportunity to see friends that god knows when I’ll see them again.”

Did he have any idea the JBL incident was going to happen?: “No not until we got in the ring. We were around each other all day, we were next to each other getting coffee, ya know. When you do these pay per view things, you need to be there at like one in the afternoon so you’re there all fucking day so I was around him all day. It wasn’t until we got in the ring for the Tazz and Angle, angle and I looked over and noticed he was staring at me like I was a matador wearing a pair of red pajamas. I thought “uh-oh, this doesn’t look good” and the fight breaks out, and I get a punch in the back of the head.”

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