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The Briscoes Discuss A Potential Third Match With FTR


During a recent interview with Sportskeeda, The Briscoes commented on a potential third match between themselves and FTR, why they’d have to earn another match, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

Mark Briscoe on a third matchup with FTR: “We ain’t going anywhere. They got us once, took our titles. We get the rematch clause, obviously, as happens in professional wrestling. They got us again.”

Mark on why they’d have to earn another match: “We’re gonna have to earn this next one. We don’t get no automatic rematch clause from this one. We’re gonna earn this next one and we’re gonna bust them boy’s ass. Excuse me, asses. I just went with the singular. There is more than one ass involved that’s going to be getting whooped. It would be a weakness or an advantage, depending on how they play it. They are smart boys, they are ring generals. It might be a huge advantage for them if they only have one ass between them.”

Jay Briscoe on the rematch: “The ref was knocked out though. We had fall two, I had him. The ref was knocked out. We don’t need to talk about this shit no more. It’ll work itself out.”

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