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The Briscoes React To FTR’s Attack At ROH Final Battle, Challenge Issued (Video)



It looks like The Briscoes want a piece of FTR.

As noted, FTR — Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler — made a surprise appearance at the ROH Final Battle 2021 show this past weekend, attacking Mark and Jay Briscoe after the duo captured the ROH Tag-Team Championships.

In a new video released by The Briscoes on Tuesday, the decorated tag-team made it clear that they want revenge on Harwood and Wheeler.

They told FTR to name a time and place for an eventual showdown between the two teams, even suggesting that AEW President Tony Khan send a private jet to pick them up at their farm.

The video featured Mark Briscoe stating the following: “When and where, boys?! Send us a plane ticket! Text me a plane ticket! Y’all got my number! Hey, it could be a bus ticket! S***, hey, you know what?! Tony Khan! Fill your little private jet up! You park that bitch up in the cornfield! Alright?! Come scoop us! Come scoop us up, man! We ready!”

For his part, Jay Briscoe added to that by grabbing an ice cream sandwhich and saying this: “Now, ya see, how I look at this, y’all boys acting like some big babies! You understand what I’m saying? What I mean by that is some babies running around the house with a big ass knife! You don’t know the danger you done put yourself in! You don’t realize it!”

Mark then chimed back in and yelled the following: “When and where?! When and where? S***! Hell with the bull****! Let us know when! Let us know where! I’m about to hop aboard this bobcat and smooth a path out for Tony Khan’s private jet! Land right out in that cornfield! Come scoop us!”

Finally, Jay wrapped things up by stating: “We got a ring one barn over. Y’all welcome anytime! Anytime!”

Check out the aforementioned video released by The Briscoes addressing FTR via the tweet embedded below courtesy of their official Twitter feed.

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