The Dudley Boyz Added To + WWE/K-Mart Hype


— The official WWE website continues its trend of acknowledging talent affiliated with TNA Wrestling as the Dudley Boyz are this week’s addition to the Alumni section. The sports-entertainment organization writes of the duo, “The Dudley Boyz have wrestled in nearly every major organization and dominated each one. Whether fans embraced their antics or despised their vile malice, the Dudleys won no matter where they went.”

Their addition to the website comes days after the former Bubba Ray, now known as Bully Ray, reunited with Devon at Lockdown.

— As noted yesterday here on the website, WWE is looking to do a Dolph Ziggler and Big E. Langston vs. Team Hell No match at WrestleMania 29. WWE started the program on Monday’s RAW, when Ziggler defeated Daniel Bryan and then after that match, Langston attacked Bryan and laid him out.

The angle will continue Friday on SmackDown as Dolph Ziggler will battle Kane in a single match.

— Here is the new WWE commercial for K-Mart…

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