The Early Box Office Numbers For ‘Hercules’ + Did The Rock Give Brock Lesnar Any MMA Advice?


Hornswoggle has been working as one of
Adam Rose’s “Rosebuds” as of late.

The Rock’s “Hercules” film looks like it
will debut at #2 at the box office this weekend behind “Lucy”. The latest
projections have it raking in around $30 million. We should have the final
numbers tomorrow (Monday).

Speaking of The Rock, he recently spoke
with the UFC Magazine and was asked if he gave Brock Lesnar any advice before he
came into UFC. Rock said:

“I never spoke to Brock when he decided to
compete in MMA. We’ve been good buds for years, and he always knew I supported
his decision. To be able to accomplish what he did and become UFC heavyweight
champion in that short amount of time was insane—historic.”

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