The Hart Family Home Named A Landmark In Calgary


The Hart family home has been declared a “heritage site”, which basically is the same as calling it a landmark. It will be preserved for future generations. It was named a “heritage site” because of its unique structure and its importance in local culture.

This was the same home that Stu Hart ran Stampede Wrestling from. It includes the “Dungeon” where he trained wrestlers.

In his autobiography Lord of the Ring, Stu purchased the mansion in 1951. It was previously a home for orphans. The mansion was sold in 2004 and renovated. The agreement came with a re-zoning approval that will see other homes built on the property.

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nensi said: “It is, you know, in a city that has a short history as we do. It’s important to recognize what we do have and I understand that the current owners are completely on board with that designation.”

In his WWE Hall of Fame speech, Bret Hart talked about growing up on the property, with several wrestlers visiting and Ted the Wrestling Bear hibernating under the porch, licking off ice cream that fell on the Hart children’s toes.

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