The Highlight Reel Returning, RAW Attendance, Rock Update


— As announced on this week’s WWE RAW broadcast, if The Rock gets himself DQ’ed or counted out in the WWE title match this Sunday night against CM Punk, then Punk will win the title. It’s likely that another stipulation will be announced via or on SmackDown this week.

— The announced attendance at RAW in Nashville, TN this week was 13,603. The Rock said during his promo that it was a legit sellout. No word on if that’s true or not.

— Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel will return on this week’s WWE Main Event broadcast. The show will be taped Tuesday night along with Saturday Morning Slam and SmackDown. We’ll have full **SPOILERS** here on the website.

— Chris Jericho sent out the following Tout video after qualifying for the Elimination Chamber match on this week’s RAW:

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