The Miz Still Gets Nervous Before His Matches


In an interview with Sunshine Coast Daily, The Miz talked about the fact that he always feels nervous before his matches. Here are highlights:

On feeling nervous before matches: “As soon as I get out there the nerves go away and everything becomes natural. The energy from the crowd helps so much.”

On WWE’s recent tour of Australia: “There’s a lot of flying involved. We flew for 15 hours to get to Australia and less than four hours after landing we were doing a show. It’s not like we had a day to relax, chill out and adjust to the time. It’s flying every day.”

On his fans: “The dedication that our fans have is awesome. I got off the plane coming to Australia and there was this huge poster that someone painted. There was another girl who had ‘Miz’ written on her forehead, and she walked around all day with that. People probably thought she was a lunatic, but she’s just an absolute Mizfit.”

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