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NewsThe Rock Says Joining The TKO Board Of Directors Is 'Special', Dragon...

The Rock Says Joining The TKO Board Of Directors Is ‘Special’, Dragon Lee News



In a new video posted to WWE’s YouTube channel, Dragon Lee commented on his upcoming match with Oba Femi at the NXT Vengeance Day pay-per-view event for the North American title. He said,

“Well, you know, I can explain to you exactly how I’m prepared, how is my plan. But I choose to get better every day. [Oba] is taller than me, bigger than me, heavier than me. I’m gonna show him who Dragon Lee is, where I come from, and at Vengeance Day, I’m gonna take my North American Championship back.”

In a recent interview with CNBC, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson commented on joining the TKO Board of Directors, and why it’s so special to him. He said,

“I’m excited and I’m always looking to grow. I like to say that I’m a builder of things and I enjoy building. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. With something like this, everything I do and everything I do touch, there 100% is a deeper meaning to it. Joining this board, I have been asked to join other boards in the past, joining this board is unique, different, and special. I’m sitting at a board that my grandfather and dad helped build and help building a company and growing it globally with a global footprint with a guy that I love and admire.“

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