The Rock Talks About Budget For “People’s Elbow Pads” During His Run In WWE


Did The Rock have an elbow pad budget for the many he threw away doing “People’s Elbows” during his legendary run in WWE?

This is something that fellow pro wrestling veteran Shane Taylor had to know. The current Ring Of Honor (ROH) star took to social media on Tuesday where he sent a “post-workout reflection” tweet to Dwayne Johnson asking the aforementioned question.


Taylor tagged “The Great One” in a tweet shared via his official Twitter feed today where he wrote the following: “Post workout reflection: Approximately how many elbow pads do you think The Rock has lost over his illustrious career? Probably 250-300 people’s elbows a year [and] kids/adults asking for the other.. Does he have an elbow pad sponsor? Does the company allocate an elbow pad budget?”

The Rock answered back to the ROH title-holder with the following response. “Great question and I too, often intellectualize after my workout 🤣. Once I started throwing the my elbow pads out into the crowd, we just started producing them (WWE). We sold them nightly as merch, and I, of course would toss them in my finish. I also gave hundreds away weekly.”

Check out the Twitter exchange between Shane Taylor and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson via the tweets embedded below courtesy of their official pages.

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