The Three ‘Attackers’ On iMPACT! + BFG Competitors


— There was talk recently of doing an angle involving TNA and AAA (Mexico). Jeff Jarrett is currently working for the promotion. As of this writing, there is no word on if Jarrett or AAA were part of the ending angle on TNA iMPACT! this week. For those who missed it, Sting made his way to the ring to cut a promo. He said that Slammoversary was a great night in his career and then mentioned losing to Roode. He said that he had one goal and that was to take a chunk out of Roode’s backside and he did. He said being inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame meant a lot to him while the crowd chanted “You deserve it”. Sting told the crowd that there were so many others that deserved the honor. He thanked Jerry and Jeff Jarrett for starting TNA as well as Dixie Carter. As he was cutting the promo, a group of three masked men attacked him. They beat Sting down and choked him out with a chain as the TV feed cut to black.

— TNA revealed the following as the competitors in the Bound for Glory series on Impact:

AJ Styles

Bully Ray

Christopher Daniels

James Storm

Jeff Hardy

Kurt Angle


Pope D’Angelo Dinero

Rob Van Dam

Robbie E

Samoa Joe

Mr. Anderson

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