The Usos Talk Roman Reigns Testing Positive For COVID-19, Wanting To Be The Greatest Tag Team


The Usos did an interview with Sports Illustrated following WWE Day 1 where they talked about their match and Roman Reigns being pulled from the show due to him testing positive for COVID-19. Here are the highlights: 

On wanting to be the greatest tag team of all-time: 

Jey: “It was a sold-out show at home in the living room. We’re making the family proud with what we’re doing. It is very humbling to carry the torch for our family. And our goal is to be the number-one tag team to ever do this. No one can do it like us. Every other tag team can run up and get down up. We’re going to do it until the day we die.”

Jimmy: “Now the whole world knows us and recognizes our hard work. We’re here, and it feels good to be here. And it’s far from over.”

On Roman Reigns testing positive for COVID-19:

Jey: “It felt off not having the Tribal Chief around. This match was for him. We represented, and he’s going to be OK. He’s home resting, and maybe playing some Call of Duty. We’re going to see him back soon.”

Jimmy: “We opened the show, and we’re so used to seeing The Big Uce close the show. This pandemic is crazy, and all we want is for him to be safe and take care of himself.”

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