Thunder Rosa Addresses The Criticism Of Her AEW Women’s Title Reign, More


AEW Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa recently spoke with TalkSport and commented on her match with Serena Deeb at Double or Nothing, the criticism of her current AEW women’s title reign, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:


On her match with Serena Deeb at Double or Nothing: “You don’t get to see two women like us in the ring often, let’s be honest. Her and I, we’re at another level that a lot of people really can’t grasp. I’m very excited because the world will see something completely different that it hasn’t been seeing. The opportunity that I have with Serena, I’m ready to do magic every time I get in the ring and every time I defend my championship it’s going to be different. I want to make it exciting. I want to make people want more every time they see me in the ring. And I know that’s how it has been – people want to see more of me.”

On the criticism of her title reign: “I just know that people are never going to be satisfied with everything that you do, or anything that happens. Bottom line. I’m going to do my best with everything I’m given all the time and people will criticise that too – which is OK. People are going to talk and if they’re talking that means they’re watching. At the end of the day that’s what we’re trying to do. I had a banger of a match with Nyla Rose and I was able to show some sides that I haven’t been able to in years in that ring. It was a dynamic match and something different. David vs Goliath in that aspect. Everyone is different and there’s always going to be criticism, but whatever is in my hands to make better I will. This match at Double or Nothing, and I say this now, I’m going to show that I am the best wrestler in the world. That AEW has the best women’s division in the world. That’s what I’m here for. Like it or not, I’m the AEW Women’s champion, so get used to seeing my face, get used to hearing my voice and get used to seeing me wrestle in that ring the way that I wrestle.”

On who has helped her backstage in AEW: “In my case, definitely Dustin Rhodes. He’s been on my side since day one. Sonjay [Dutt] is another one who is very involved with some of the women there. He guides them in that aspect. BJ [Whitmer] – I love BJ, shoutout to BJ – he’s also one of the producers of our matches. For me, Dustin has been pivotal in a lot of things, inside and outside of the ring. I talk to him a lot about promos because of who his father was and also who he was in other companies with how he developed characters. That’s very important. I’m still pretty new to the business, I’ve only been wrestling eight years and Thunder Rosa has been accepted for about four because I always had other characters. So it’s always about finding who the person really is and what you want to portray to people. Tony Khan has been the driving force for me to be a pivotal part of AEW in the development of the women’s division. He brought me in during COVID and I was never expecting to stay. Now I’m signed and the Women’s world champion, but he was very pivotal in that and developing the story.”

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