Titus O’Neil Comments on the Recent Rioting & Protests, Michael Hayes Reacts


During a press conference earlier this week, Titus O’Neil commented on the violence due to George Floyd’s death, the Black Lives Matter movement, and more. You can check out some highlights from the press conference below. He said,

“I’m begging everybody with my platform and along with my WWE superstars, and NFL, and NBA, and everybody else, Major League Baseball. Enough is enough. You can’t clean up somebody else’s house if your own house is dirty. We have a great reputation of being a great city here in Tampa with great leadership, but this is not the way to do it. Having this stuff, just planted everywhere. It’s ridiculous, man. It’s ridiculous. And to every single person out there that is protesting and somebody is telling you it’s the wrong thing to do, no the hell it ain’t. It’s the right thing to do it , and if they don’t like the way you doing it peacefully, screw ’em. But for all of you out there that are agitating this with your public comments, throwing bricks at the police officers, you throw a brick at me… don’t think that I won’t throw something back at your ass. They’re human beings too. They’re not robots. So for once, we as a country have an opportunity to come together and say, ‘You know what? Enough is enough for all races.’”

WWE Hall of Famer Michael Hayes took to Twitter to respond, saying,

“I have said nothing because of my concern of trolls and backlash I expected from speaking up. Titus pointed out to me that to say NOTHING is doing NOTHING!!! MURDER is WRONG!!! LOOTING and SHOOTING is WRONG!! JUSTICE is RIGHT!! PEACEFUL PROTESTS are RIGHT!! RIGHT stops WRONG!!”

O’Neil later responded to Hayes with the following,

“Thank You for using your words @MichaelPSHayes1 NOBODY SHOULD BE AFRAID TO SPEAK UP OR OUT AGAINST RACISM And For Social Justice for all. Proud of you sir.”

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