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NewsTKO President On RAW's Media Rights - 'We Have Time'

TKO President On RAW’s Media Rights – ‘We Have Time’



Mark Shapiro recently spoke at the UBS Global Media & Communication Conference and provided an update on the negotiations for RAW’s media rights.

The TKO President also commented on the possibilities for the WWE Network when the company’s deal with NBC Universal expires.

As we previously reported here on eWn, WWE SmackDown will be moving to the USA Network next October while WWE NXT will be moving to The CW Network. As of now, the media rights for RAW have not been finalized. Negotiations have been taking place in Los Angeles, CA over the past few weeks.

You can check out some highlights from the UBS Global Media & Communication Conference below:

On the status of RAW’s media rights: “We’re in conversations on RAW. Our deal with USA is not up until October of next year. We have time. We have time to be flexible, we have time to be creative. We have time to develop different solution models depending on what the player may be. We could go before the NBA if the price is right or after the NBA is somebody is left at the alter. Our job is to maximize the rights value of RAW.”

On the rights to WWE Network on Peacock: “WWE Network, the deal with NBC is up in March 2026. We could take it to market all by itself or we could package it with UFC since it’s similar content.”

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