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NewsTNA Makes A Statement With Last Night's Main Event.

TNA Makes A Statement With Last Night’s Main Event.



— This article includes SPOILERS for last night’s episode of Impact Wrestling — 

In my last article I touched on the subject of the transformation of TNA Wrestling. so I was looking forward to last night’s Impact Wrestling. This episode did not disappoint.

TNA has done a good job utilizing their talent lately. They continue to highlight Hardcore matches, the Knockout’s division, X-Division, Tag Team division, and the World Heavyweight Championship on almost every show. We didn’t get an X-Division match this week, but one of the matches included X-Division wrestlers, so I will let that one slide.

Match #1 – TNA Knockouts #1 Contenders Triple Threat
Angelina Love vs. Taryn Terrell vs. Madison Rayne

Despite the potential for this match, I found it to be an average bout considering the experience of the girls. Also the announcement that Velvet Sky would challenge Havok at Bound for Glory, despite never earning the title shot (please correct me if I am wrong), left me pondering for a little while. I felt like Taryn brought more to the match than Angelina or Madison.  The true highlight for me was Havok’s entrance and subsequent Chokeslam to Terrell. I can see a squash match in Madison Rayne’s future. Havok is a beast.

Match #2 – The Revolution (James Storm & The Great Sanada) w/Manik vs. Tigre Uno & Low-Ki

I enjoyed this match more. Low-Ki was majorly over with the crowd, and he brought a lot to the match. Tigre Uno didn’t get into this as much as I would have liked. He also looked awkward at times. The Revolution showed their chemistry, with Manik (his new look is rather generic) pulling off sneaky interference. It was a warm up match for James Storm’s new stable before their Bound for Glory match against Tajiri & The Great Muta.

Match #3 – No DQ Match – Samuel Shaw vs. Bram

I really enjoyed this match. These two young talents worked together really well to deliver a solid hardcore match. They both have a screw loose, so it was only fitting to have them in a match like this. The sunset flip bomb Shaw delivered to Bram (on top of a pile of chairs) made the match; it really stood out as something different. Samuel Shaw sold the pipe shot at the end really well. Bram continues his singles success.This match highlighted the potential of both men.

Where is Magnus these days? Weren’t Bram and Magnus meant to be a team?

Match #4 – Handicap Elimination Match
Bobby Roode vs. Kenny King & MVP

This match had some stipulations added earlier in the night with the promos between Roode, MVP and Kenny King. If Roode won the match, he would become #1 contender, if Roode lost, he would never be able to challenge for the World Championship again. Ironically, these stipulations didn’t matter, as after the match, Kurt Angle told MVP off for making his own matches and declared that the stipulations didn’t count.

The match itself was quite average. Roode is an absolute pro, and he brought the most to the match in my opinion. I felt it was wrong for MVP to be eliminated first, as I felt that Roode had the most hatred for MVP, and it made MVP look weak. MVP getting ejected after his elimination almost confirmed that Kenny King would not defeat Roode. As Roode hit his finishing move and covered King for the victory, Lashley broke it up and caused a disqualification win for Roode. 

I felt like the match concept, and the match itself, was nothing but filler for this feud. MVP and King have become cannon fodder for Roode so Lashley can ambush him and get the upper hand. I am still trying to believe that Roode is a full fledged babyface, while Lashley is the heel. This episode’s promos and handicap match didn’t do a lot to further their roles. Roode is slowly getting there, however Lashley should do a lot more to garner heat as this feud escalates. I would like to see Lashley challenge MVP and make decisions for himself.

EC3 / Rockstar Spud Segment

I don’t know about you, but I found this segment to be a defining moment in both their careers. EC3 told us how he has been in TNA for a year now (time flies doesn’t it?) and how is still undefeated. He is still pissed about his aunt Dixie being put through a table, and blames Rockstar Spud for it. He has been bullying Spud for the past couple of weeks, seeing how much he can abuse his former employee.

I have seen praise for Spud for quite a while now, mostly down to his unique character and mic skills. He is one with his character, and you can’t teach that. Spud has a natural charisma that connects him to fans, whether he is an annoying little lackey, or an underdog trying to prove himself.

This promo was really good because they have chemistry with one another. They play to each others strengths. Spud got the fans behind him, and the punch he delivered to EC3 was awesome. When TNA hired Rockstar Spud, all I wanted was to see him wrestle (because I know he can really well), but instead, they kept him around as a character. It’s worked really well for him in the long run. Spud wouldn’t have received the kind of reaction he did without EC3 acting like an a-hole. Bravo to both of them, I’m looking forward to more.

Main Event – TNA Tag Title Series Finals
– Full Metal Mayhem Match.

The Wolves (c) vs. Team 3D vs. Hardy Boyz

The series has been excellent, and I am sad to see it end. Having the teams of Team 3D and the Hardys, fighting against each other one more time was always something I would enjoy, as I started watching wrestling when they fought each other in their TLC matches. The new blood of the Wolves contributed a great deal to the series as well. In the end, the most deserving team was put over, as the Wolves showed they are the present and future of tag team wrestling. I am happy TNA decided to put the Wolves over instead of putting the belts on Team 3D or the Hardys … as they don’t really need the belts.

The series finals was the best match they put together. It was so full of amazing spots, it was very reminiscent of the epic TLC matches from back in the day. To be honest, I could be here all day talking about the spots in this match. If you have yet to see this match, I don’t care what kind of wrestling fan you are, you should give this one a chance, it was probably the best match TNA has produced all year. It was total carnage. It was a match I would gladly watch again that’s for sure. There had to be injuries coming out of that match for sure. I can’t praise all three teams enough, all six men worked as hard as they could, and produced a classic. You would think that Team 3D and the Hardys would cut down on matches like these as they got older, but they are just as good as ever. Even Devon took a nasty spot through some tables in this match, which is something I have not seen for quite a while.

This was a match of PPV quality given away on free television. This proves how TNA are doing everything they can to increase their reputation for giving the most quality wrestling matches out there. I have not seen a “bad” match on TNA for a while now. Aside from MVP botching his lines, the promos have been acceptable. TNA is allotting less time to promos and more time to the matches.

Last night TNA set the bar for match quality in a main event on free television. I can only see TNA continuing this trend, as they adopt the old approach of “Total Nonstop Action”. I have been very critical of TNA in the past, and I will be critical of TNA when something goes wrong, but I am finding less things to be critical about every week. I am not a TNA mark, I am a wrestling fan, and I enjoy wrestling as a whole. Before seeing the main event of last night’s episode, The Rock & Rusev segment from Raw was by far the most interesting thing to happen this week. It’s no longer the most interesting thing in my mind, as last night’s main event match will be one I won’t forget in a hurry.

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