TNA’s James Storm, Robbie E and Brook talk about six-sided ring and more.


In an interview with the Huffington Post UK Bloggers, available here on ewrestlingnews, ‘Cowboy’ James Storm, Robbie E and Brook have given their thoughts on the six-sided ring and more. Highlights of their interview are as follows: 

On the six-sided ring:

James Storm: “I don’t like it. I’ve been here since day one and I’m more of a 4-sided traditionalist. The 6-sided ring hurts. The structure’s made different than a 4-sided ring, there’s more steel under there. It’s a little bigger, which is no problem, but the ropes are shorter and so they’re tighter and the corners are not 90 degrees. I think it should be brought back for special events like Destination-X or Slammiversary.”

Brook: “It’s not something that I’m personally very excited about. It’s going to be confusing.”

On their New York Shows:

James Storm: “To me it was just another show. I show up, put my stuff on and go and do my job. I don’t treat New York any different to Columbia, Tennessee.”

Robbie E: “I think the New York fans think that they’re privileged and that they’re stars themselves. I think they think that they deserve respect and that we’re doing something extra special for them but that’s just not the case”.

On established stars coming to TNA and winning the title:

James Storm: “I’m old school and I think you need to put your time in and you need to earn it. Just because you come from somewhere else doesn’t mean you should be our world champion”. 

Brooke: “We have future stars and they’re the ones that need the push not somebody that has already had a name”.

Read the full interview here, including an amazing joke that James Storm played on Rhino.

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