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Rhino – ‘Steve Austin Convinced Me To Use The Gore As A Finisher’



Fans who enjoyed Rhino using the ‘Gore’ as a finisher in various promotions have WWE Hall of Famer ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin to thank.

On a recent edition of the “Insight” podcast, Rhino recalled using the move in ECW and how Austin was the first to suggest using the Gore to end a match. He said,

“I did it one other time in ’96, not saying it’s mine; Goldberg got it over. People did it all the time, but he’s the one that put it on the map, and Adam [Copeland] was using it before I was.

“He [Austin] goes, ‘Why don’t you just cover me after you Gore me?’ And I go, ‘This mother f**ker… He does not want me to pick him up and take a TKO!’ So I just started doing that as a finish, and I’d do the thing in the corner. Listen to the veterans.”

Rhino has used the Gore in various promotions, including ECW and WWE. These days, Rhino and his Gore can be found in the ring for TNA Wrestling.

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