Tony Schiavone Discusses The Shared Problem Between WWE & AEW


Tony Schiavone sat down for a recent episode of his What Happened When podcast, and he discussed the shared problem between WWE and AEW. Schiavone revealed that it’s talent who come to television, but don’t have anything to do.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


The problem shared by AEW, WWE, & WCW: “WWE has it, we have it in AEW, we had it back in WCW … guys that’ll show up and just go to catering, they’ve nothing to do. I think it’s a problem with sports teams, and I consider us a sports team. I bet you there are problems in the NFL, I bet there are players that think they should be playing and don’t get to play.”

Downplaying the reports of backstage drama: “There’s always drama in the locker room. For Dave [Meltzer] to write about it like, ‘Oh it’s something new,’ is bullsh*t. It goes on all the time, and therefore I don’t think it’s as big of an issue as Dave made it out to be.”

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